Lesson Instructions

Watch and follow the YouTube video, the lesson contains three parts:

  1. Key Information and content - all you need to do here is watch and listen. We recommend you take some notes for this one!

  2. Learning activity - You are to complete the fill in the blanks activity.

  3. Consolidation - these are past exam question and are for deliberate practice to check your understanding.

Task - Fill in the Blanks

Layers Activity

Task - Exam Questions - Deliberate Practice

Exam Questions - Web

Mark Scheme

Question 1

  • A layer can be removed/changed etc.

  • ... without affecting any other layers

  • Each layer has its own purpose // seperates the purposes // self-contained

  • ... so it does not need to consider what other layers do

  • ... so it can be programmed individually

  • Individual protocols are each smaller/simpler to manage

  • Different layers can interface with different hardware