Malware & Spyware

Lesson Instructions

Watch and follow the YouTube video, the lesson contains three parts:

  1. Key Information and content - all you need to do here is watch and listen.

  2. Learning activity - there is one activity to complete. You will need to match statements to the correct type of malware and then research some famous malware/spyware attacks.

  3. Consolidation - these are past exam question and are for deliberate practice to check your understanding.

Task - Sorting Task

Task - Exam Questions - Deliberate Practice

Exam Questions - Web

Mark Scheme

Question 1


  • Anti-malware software (1)

  • Removes viruses / spyware from infecting the system (1)

  • Accept anti-virus software or suitable name, do not accept names software e.g. Norton



  • Bringing in files / software on a portable device e.g. memory stick

  • Downloading infected files from the internet

  • Files being sent through chat messaging systems

  • Others internally sharing infected files with you

  • Allow other suitable methods