Programming Constructs

Lesson Instructions

Watch and follow the YouTube video, the lesson contains three parts:

  1. Key Information and content - all you need to do here is watch and listen

  2. Learning activity - this activity involves answering different questions about sequence, selection and iteration.

  3. Consolidation - these are past exam question and are for deliberate practice to check your understanding.

Task - Constructs

Programming Constructs Task

Task - Exam Questions - Deliberate Practice

Exam Questions - Web

Mark Scheme

Question 1


One mark for each bullet point

  • Sequence

  • Selection

  • Iteration



  • A condition is used to decide whether code should be executed

  • Position = Position + 1 is only run if the IF condition is met


  • code is executed repeatedly

  • The code in the repeat loop will be run several times (until Position = 100)

Question 2


One mark for each bullet point

  • A construct

  • Code is executed/run repeatedly/is looped

  • Until a condition is met/while a condition is true/a set number of times


  • While/do while

  • Repeat/repeat until/ do until/until