Lesson Instructions

Watch and follow the YouTube video, the lesson contains three parts:

  1. Key Information and content - all you need to do here is watch and listen

  2. Learning activity - there are two activities, one that focuses on primary and secondary storage, the second focuses on characteristics of RAM and ROM

  3. Consolidation - these are past exam question and are for deliberate practice to check your understanding.

Task 1 - Primary & Secondary Storage

Task 2 - Characteristics of RAM & ROM

Task - Exam Questions - Deliberate Practice

Exam Questions

Mark Scheme

Question 1


  • Stores the boot program / bootstrap loader / BIOS

  • Used to start the computer / loads the operating system


  • Stores the parts of the OS / programs that are running

  • Stores the data currently in use

  • ....for access by the CPU

Question 2


  • ROM is non-volatile and RAM is volatile

  • RAM is easily expandable, ROM size is (usually) fixed for a given computer

  • Contents of the RAM change frequently, contents of ROM never (hardly ever) change.