J276 Component 1

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1.1 System Architecture

1.2 Memory


Factors Affecting CPU Performance

Embedded Systems


Virtual Memory

1.3 Storage

1.4 Wired & Wireless Networks

Types of Storage

Data Capacity Calculations

Storage Device Applications

Client Server vs. Peer-to-Peer

Types of Network

The Internet

Factors affecting network performance

Network Hardware

Modes of Connection

1.5 Network topologies, protocols and layers

1.6 System Security


Protocols & Standards

Network Topologies

Wi-Fi & Ethernet

IP, MAC & Encryption

SQL Injection & DDOS

Identifying & Preventing Vulnerabilities

Malware & Spyware

Social Engineering, Data Interception & Brute Force Attacks

1.7 Systems Software

1.8 Ethical, Legal, Cultural & Environmental concerns

Operating Systems

Utility Software

Software Licences

Computer Legislation

Ethical, Cultural & Environmental